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Find us at the Raleigh Farmers' Market - 252-204-6900

Our farm is open and available at any time for a tour, just give us a call at 252-204-6900 and let us know you are coming.

MAE Farm pork is specially bred for all of the flavor and tenderness that once distinguished fine natural pork. We raise our hogs to high standards in the most natural and humane environment we can provide. You will find that our natural, free-range pork has generous marbling, rich color, and flawless texture.

MAE Farm free-range pork is a versatile, elegant, premium product that is sure to linger in your mind long after your plate is cleared. We care about the environment and the humane treatment of our animals.

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Here at MAE Farm we work with local environment groups to ensure that the 73 acres we farm will have little environmental impact. We want to ensure that the land and the land that surrounds us will be safely enjoyed for generations to come. Farm tours and nature walks are available to school and civic groups by appointment. This is a great opportunity to view animals enjoying a free-range environment.

We hope that you come and visit us and learn more about sustainable farming.

MAE Farm also raises beef. As with our pork, our cows are free-range. The cattle is grass-fed and receives very limited amounts of grain when pasture quality suffers. This feeding process provides a quality meat and an impeccable taste. As you can see, all of our animals are very well taken care of and live in a natural environment as they would if they were in the wild.

Mike Jones is available as a private consultant.

Meet MAE Farm Meats on video:

MAE Farm Meats · 57 Mitchell Church Way · Louisburg, N.C. 27549 · 252-204-6900 · maefarmmeats@embarqmail.com

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